Research and Trial Services

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Our RESEARCH & trial services

Design and Management

Our team of experts can support and advice you on choosing the most appropriate research design, including  all types of public surveys and questionnaires, developing protocols, statistical analysis and costing. 

We offer Trial management support to assist you from  study set up to close out,  including monitoring and audits to ensure high quality standards and the delivery of your study in time and within budget.  

Data management

OxCATTS uses data management strategies to produce the highest quality data. 

We provide assistance from developing a data management plan, to clinical data storage and curation, in line with UK government and international regulations.

Analytics, Statistics & Economics:

Statistical and health economics support through design, conduct and analysis.

Our team of experts can develop a  statistical analysis plan to support your trial design and perform data Analytics using clinically designed, validated & monitored processes ensuring high data quality and integrity.

Economic methods contribute to the decision making process for uptake of technologies and innovations. 

We offer a theory and regulatory based approach to measuring and valuing costs and outcomes. 

  • Cost- consequence analysis: describing costs and outcomes
  • Cost minimisation analysis: costings
  • Cost effectiveness analysis: costing and outcome in units of choice

Cost utility analysis: costing in standard format of longevity and quality of life

  • Cost benefit analysis: monetary value of health outcomes

Governance & Regulatory

Guidance on all the aspects that will ensure good practice, adherence to the current UK/EU regulations and the delivery of your high quality trial in time and within budget. 

We can provide expertise and support for placing a device on the market under the new medical device regulations (with adherence to the EU Regulation on Medical Devices 2017/745 (MDR)) .

  • Correct classification against new risk classification criteria
  • Study/trial design to ensure requirements for clinical evidence are met
  • Notification to MHRA about a clinical investigation for a medical device

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