Technology, Innovation and Digital Health

Technology, Innovation and digital Health are our passion in OxCATTS

Our dedicated team of academic experts at OxCATTS with wide-ranging experience in the application of health and health related subjects, will support your organisation’s vision through entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives.

Support you from A to Z

We can provide expertise and advice to Health Tech Startups and Companies to develop and evaluate their products in order to bring their innovative ideas to fruition and to support them to reveal potential niche opportunities in the healthcare system.


We provide first-hand knowledge in developing and implementing capability to advance mobile and wearable health technologies and economic methods contribute to the decision making process for uptake of technologies and innovations. 


We can provide expertise and support for placing a device on the market under the new medical device regulations (with adherence to the EU Regulation on Medical Devices 2017/745 (MDR)) .

“Innovation is a key to success and growth and it’s a never ending Journey”

Kourosh Norouzi

Let us to be with you in this journey

Let’s shape the future together.

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